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Combinant (Combined Terminal Antwerp) is an open access rail terminal for intermodal transportation, located in the port of Antwerp.

Combinant was founded as a joint venture between BASF, Hupac and Hoyer with the support of Europe and the Flemish Government.

Combinant helps lowering the environmental impact by replacing a part of road haulage with rail.

rail tracks
rail mounted gantries (RMG’s)
Truck and rail photogate
TEU storage capacity
trailer parking spaces
10 till 12
trains per day
units on a yearly base
years of exellence


Tank repair

Wagon repair

Wagon shuntings

Stuffing and stripping


Reefer connections

Depot (non ADR)


For further information on these services please e-mail to info@combinant.be

Intermodal Transport

With intermodal transportation, in the path between supplier and customer, a large part of the road transport is replaced by rail transport.

This results in less road saturation, a smaller environmental impact and safer roads.


Combinant is located in the north of the port of Antwerp and is easily accessible from the A12 motorway and from the Scheldelaan.

The total area of Combinant is approximately 1 km by 100 m, or 20 football fields.

Train Network

With its central location in the port of Antwerp and the cooperation with different train operators Combinant can offer extensive European rail network services.

Le Boulou3xCLF
Duisburg DKT3xKombiverkehr
Duisburg DIT3xHupac

Joint Venture

Combinant was founded as a joint venture between BASFHupac and Hoyer with the support of Europe and the Flemish Government.

  • BASF Antwerp is the largest chemical production site in Belgium. BASF Antwerp strives for a sustainable “supply chain” by reducing road transport’s share in favor of rail transportation.
  • Hupac is a leader in transalpine transportation with the Benelux countries as main market. Hupac supports the terminal capacity for future growth.
  • Hoyer wants to expand the terminal infrastructure in order to build up a pan-European intermodal network.

Environmental Aspect

By replacing road transport with rail transport Combinant ensures 140,000 fewer trucks will be driving on the roads annually.

140,000 fewer trucks means 30,000 tons CO2 emissions less annually.

140,000 trucks less annually stands for 50 million driving kilometers less or 10 km traffic jams less daily.


Combinant was established with support from EFRO (European Regional Development Fund) and co-financing of the Flemish Government.

The aid is part of the Operational Programme “Regional Competitiveness and Employment” Flanders 2007-2013, priority 3: “Achieving a sustainable strengthening of economic ports and international multimodal accessibility“.

Combinant meets the requirements of this program because it:

  • makes the supply chain more efficient
  • reduces trucks on the road
  • reduces the environmental impact
  • creates jobs
  • strengthenes the European intermodal network

Latest news

10 years Combinant

10 years Combinant

Dear friends, Please find below the link with the pictures. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mm2ysKw5ZXAKL7dB6
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From The Combinant Team
Opening Hours Christmans New year

Opening Hours Christmans New year

Dear Customers, Below you can find our opening hours for holidays end 2017; Hoping to have informed you all. Best regards,


What our visitors say

Rasnov FlorilorRasnov Florilor
20:17 19 Feb 23
Part with the office can be tricky....one lady is nice and human .....there are two .
C.D. PC.D. P
20:11 19 Feb 23
I have a question to Combinant NV : Why won't you answer to all those bad reviews ? There are quite a lot .With all the respect but your attitude confirm that are truthful
Witold KreutzerWitold Kreutzer
05:05 17 Feb 23
very unfriendly service in the office the lady is sitting as a punishment
Angelică NEICUAngelică NEICU
15:16 11 Dec 22
Very easy, first time security visual check , go in parking, registration on computers with reference for pick up and nr of container and CMR for drop off. if you don't a good reference or no one you must to visit a office with kind lady for your registration, next take your entry document from printer and go in gate, is 2 gate for drop off and one fast gate for pickup, where you find exactly location for stopped your truck.
Idan SegevIdan Segev
20:28 13 Sep 22
Interesting continental terminal truck to train and vice versa.
16:46 03 Mar 22
Very fast and easy to work and also we have to make a charity to help them to buy two computer keyboard 😀
Nicolae NicolaeNicolae Nicolae
15:51 18 Nov 21
The terminal is good but they don't have a toilet for truck drivers! :(:(
Valentin BrutaruValentin Brutaru
13:45 17 Sep 20
I hate this terminal the most! At the office there are some arrogant, very comfortable people and there is a total lack of respect! The toilets are closed even now during this Covid 19 period! When I go to the office I feel in the movie "Prince and Beggar"


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